Robot prototyping kit SumoBoy 2.0 (Out of stock)!

Robot prototyping kit SumoBoy 2.0 (Out of stock)! - {SITE_TITLE} €264.00 (€319.44 with VAT 21% included for Latvian customers)
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Robot prototyping kit includes robot SumoBoy and prototyping kit, opening an opportunity for interesting time spending and a way for implementation of your own projects. The kit is designed for pupils and enthusiast looking for a way to learn fundamentals of electronics and programming. The SumoBoy robot is design in accordance with international rules of robot sumo competitions and is ready to participate there. The prototyping kit includes a bredboard for soldering-free circuit construction allowing to reuse the components for different designs and use Arduino Micro microcontroller for programming.


-          Top quality equipment for schools, robotics clubs, centres of technical creativity;

-          For enthusiast of international scale robotics competitions;

-          Attractive equipment for teaching informatics;

-          Excellent hands-on helper for teaching electronics fundamentals;

-          Provide a lot of fun with friends;

-          An excellent present for teenager or student starting the next education level.

Set inclusde:

Robot SumoBoy 1 pcs.
Battery LiFePO4
Total weight 410 g
Mikrocontroller Arduino Mirco compatible
Prototyping surface 60 x 50 mm
Electronics components > 60 pcs.
Servomotor 1 pcs.
DC motor 1 pcs.
Motor driver 1 pcs.
Mounting wires 25 pcs., different colours
Component box High quality plastics



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