Mini sumo robot SumoBoy 2.0 (Out of stock)!

Mini sumo robot SumoBoy 2.0 (Out of stock)! - {SITE_TITLE} €221.00 (€267.41 with VAT 21% included for Latvian customers)
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The SumoBoy is designed to learn fundamentals of electronics and programming for pupils and enthusiasts. Its design is fully compliant with international robot SUMO competition rules and is ready to be compete. SumoBoy reflects experience and know-how of the Latvian robotics team, which has been among winners of European, USA and Japan robot competition for several years. The robots is controlled by well-known Arudino Micro microcontroller. Allowing to use huge knowledge of the Arudino community. The robot will be attractive for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts.


-     Reflects the best of Latvian robotics team experience  and know-how;

-     Hardened steal armour and high qulity aluminium decorative covers;

-     Machined aluminium wheel disks;

-     Special silicone composition rubber wheels;

-     Three forward looking sensors with extention placeholders to 5 sensors;

-     Specially designed motors and reducers;

-     4 dip switches for strategy selection;

-     Arduino Micro compatible controller;

-     Supports IR remote compliant with international rules;

-     Safe LiFePO4  battery;

-     Integrated charging schema;

-     More than 30 exercises for learning electronics and programing;


-      Top quality equipment for schools, robotics clubs, centres of technical creativity;

-      For enthusiast of international scale robotics competitions;

-      Attractive equipment for teaching informatics;

-      Excellent hands-on helper for teaching electronics fundamentals;

-      Provide a lot of fun with friends;

-      An excellent present for teenager or student starting the next education level ;


Dimensions HxWxL 42 x 98 x 98 mm
Weight 359.80 g
Power source 6V – 12 V
Motors 6V x 1,2 A
Max. speed ~0,80  m/s
Battery type LiFePO4
Sensor num. 3 pcs. extendible to 5 pcs.
Line sensor num. 3 pcs.
Tires Silicone
Microcontroller Arduino Micro compatible


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